Group Support Committee (GSC)

At 15th Brighton Scout Group, we have an active Group Support Committee to help with the upkeep of the group.  Parents are encouraged to apply for a position when they bring their child to the Group and are encouraged to become an active member of the GSC.  The PSG is involved in running the day to day operations of the group and to help to support the Leaders by making sure that the ‘back office’ runs smoothly.  This lets the Leaders focus on what is important – creating meaningful and fun programs for the kids.

The Group Support Committee consists of the following roles:

President – Daniel Zmood is the current President.  His role is to co-ordinate the GSC to make sure that the group is cohesive and runs well.

Treasurer – looks after the finances of the Group, both in paying bills and receiving funds.

Fundraising coordinator – looks after the raising of funds for the Group, to make sure that we stay financial and works in with the Treasurer.

Quartermaster – this role involves all aspects of looking after the equipment and the maintenance of our bus.

Public relations – this role is responsible for looking after the promotion of the Group to the wider community.  Also to maintain the numbers of the group through retention and bringing in new youth members and Leaders.

Hall maintenance – this is a very important area of the GSC.  Every building needs to be looked after and maintained for the benefit of everyone, including our members and the varied groups who rent our hall for their own activities.

Website and social media coordinators – to showcase our kids at every event and make sure that the parents can see what the kids are doing, by posting on various social media platforms.  Our website also attracts many enquiries and is an important part of the PR campaign and needs to be kept up to date.

Social co-ordinator – what is a strong group without a bit of fun?  Our social coordinators run a program for the adults which may include golf days, dinner dances, trivia nights – all to promote a sense of community within the group for the parents as well as the kids.

Even though our Support Committee is functional and strong, it doesn’t mean that we rest on our laurels.  We are always looking for our new members on the Committee, to make it an even stronger support group for our fantastic youth and Leaders.